The easiest way to make an animation!

EZ Animator is an application that lets you create a cartoon. A simple PC app that provides the art and animation. You pick the characters and props you want – move them, animate them. Characters can be customised and you can use speech bubbles or the in-built voice recorder to add voice.


  • no subscriptions
  • no user account needed
  • no internet required after download
  • simply purchase and go



Its easy!  Everything you do is instantly playable, so no waiting to see your movie in action. Use EZ Animator to create cartoons for social network sites, a music video for your band, a personalised comic video for your parties or family occasions, or create your own webisodes.

No animation or art experience needed!

  • Create your own cartoons of any length.
  • Import your own props from photos or drawings.
  • Import your friends’ faces from photos to act as characters in your movie.
  • Record your own voices and sounds.
  • Upload directly to YouTube from EZ Animator.
  • Suitable for all ages.

This software is for windows based PCs only.
(XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8)

Use the contact form below to send us a link to your uploaded video and we will include it here.

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Size (MB)

button-lite Lite version of EZ Animator (Free!!) 42
button-man Printable version of the manual 23